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DVD and Video to iPod Software Reviews

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DVD and Video to iPod Software Review

Why Use a DVD and Video to iPod Software?

Video iPod is arguably one of the coolest devices ever created. If you have an iPod, you know what wonders those little machines perform supporting music, video and pictures. What could be better than pulling out your iPod to watch a few clips from the Internet when you’re bored on the road or if you have extra time between classes? DVD and Video to iPod Software helps you convert anything you’ve downloaded or uploaded to your iPod - it also acts as a DVD to iPad converter.

Conversion software will allow you to choose the quality and output size of the conversion. But generally speaking, the higher the picture and audio quality, the longer it will take to convert and the more memory it will eat. If conversion time is most important to you, there are programs that focus on speed. If you prefer an impeccable picture–audio combination, and don’t care if it takes longer, you can also find what you need.

It is important to note that the performance of all software is dependent on the system you use. For our testing, we used a PC with a Pentium D processor, Windows XP professional Operating System and 1 GB of RAM.

In this site, you’ll find articles related to conversion software, as well as comprehensive reviews on conversion software to help you make an informed decision on which DVD and Video to iPod Software is right for you. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

What to Look for in DVD and Video to iPod Software

DVD and Video to iPod Software should make format changing a breeze. Although some developers provide software that converts DVD files better than video files, or vice versa, you should demand high quality in both regards. Most DVD/Video to iPod software companies separates the conversion components into two separate programs. Some companies provide an all–in–one program, which increases the ease of use. Before you choose the best software for you, you ought to consider the overall quality of the product. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used when ranking the DVD/Video to iPod Suites:

Features Set
You should be able to customize your conversions. The more options available to do this the better. DVD/Video to iPod Suites should offer many practical features. The most common feature is output dimensions. This feature allows you to determine the screen’s viewing size. But since there are so many more possible features out there, don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.

Ease of Use
You should expect an easy–to–navigate interface with easy–to–access feature buttons. Most DVD/Video to iPod Suites advertise two to three click conversions. It is true that the fewer the number of clicks, the easier the software is to use. One thing you should require of your software selection is an easy–to–access output folder. Even a perfect conversion is worthless if you can't find the converted file.

Speed of Conversion
It shouldn’t take forever to get your DVD or video file converted so you can put it on your iPod. But you can’t expect it to happen in mere moments. Conversions should happen at a reasonably quick speed. But remember faster is not always better. Also keep in mind that your system has a lot to do with the speed of conversion.

Quality of DVD
You ought to find a product that will convert your personal home video DVDs or MiniDVDs with clarity. The color, brightness and audio should be just the same as in the original. Another necessity is synchronization. There is nothing more irritating than having the sound not match the mouths.

Quality of Video
What is true for “Quality of DVD” is true for “Quality of Video” as well. Your copy should look and sound just like the original.

Having multiple forms of help is important. But not all support is equal. It is appropriate to expect quick, helpful responses to your questions. You should not have to deal with technical issues on your own—if you can’t use your DVD/Video to iPod conversion software, it’s maddening. Great help and support is not something you should do without.

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Please Note: Using software to copy DVDs with encryptions or protections is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 even if those copies are only to be used for personal use.